Spa Packages
Basic Spa Package - Starts @ $23
Includes a brush out, bath with a massaging bathing system, with soap free all natural shampoo, blueberry facial, anal glands checked, fluff dry, ears cleaned, nails trimmed & buffed and a bow bandana or tie.

Deluxe Spa Package - Starts @ $35

Ultimate Spa Package - Starts @ $48
Breed or Customer requested Cut & Trim or Shave down

Puppy Spa Package - Starts @ $23
For puppies 3-6 months old and is an introduction to grooming equivalent to Deluxe Package

A La Carte Services
Teeth brushing - $5
Pedicure & Ear Cleaning
Flea & Tick Treatments - starts at $10
Anal Glands Expressed - $10
FURminator Shed-less Treatment - starts @ $15 with the purchase of a grooming package
Love your dog, but hate the shedding?  A few treatments can reduce shedding by 90%.  Deshedding Shampoo & Conditioner along with the FURminator de shedding tool used to loosen & extract under coat. (see examples below)
FURminator Deshedding Treatment Furminator Deshedding Treatment
Soft Paws Nail Caps
Nail caps effectively blunt your dogs nails so their ability to scrath surfaces on skin is significantly reduced. Soft paws are completely safe, painless Á humane. They do not hurt the dog in any way. Soft paws are also non-toxic, even if your dog swallows one of the nail caps. It will safely pass through the digestive system.

Nail Caps help protect from the following
 - dogs that jump and scratch
 - elderly people with fragile skin
 - diabetics
 - people on blood thinners
 - chronic or allergic scratching... helps eliminate the dog from breaking the skin
 - protects hardwood floors, doors, walls, screens, furniture & carpet.
Grooming Pricing Proceedure
Make your reservation today! Grooming and Spa Treatments are done by appointment only although walk ins are welcome (with availability). Please call for availability.

Additional fees may apply for the following…
• Condition of coat- Pets with excessive tangling, matting or dirt
• Age- Young pets or geriatric pets requiring special time-consuming handling
• Weight- Overweight pets that have trouble standing that require assistance for lifting
• Temperament and behavior- Aggressive, uncooperative, overly-hyperactive, or special needs pets that require special time-consuming handling
• Specialty Trims- Pets that receive hand-scissoring and/or complex trims & styling that require extra time
• Assistance needed- Pets that require an extra person to provide assistance in order to complete the grooming

Why Your Dog’s Grooming or Spa Treatments Cost More Than Yours ?????
1. Your hairdresser doesn’t give you a bath
2. You don’t go for weeks at a time without washing your hair
3. You don’t roll in nasty things before seeing your hairdresser
4. You hairdresser doesn’t have to clean or pluck your ears
5. You hairdresser doesn’t have to demat your hair
6. You sit still for your hairdresser
7. Your haircut doesn’t include a manicure and pedicure
8 Your hairdresser only cuts the hair on your head
9. You don’t try to bite or scratch your hairdresser
10. The likelihood of you pooping or peeing while your hair is being cut is slim

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