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Advantage II Advantage® II starts killing fleas in an hour. Within 12 hours of initial application, 98-100 percent of all existing fleas on pets are dead. Advantage® II is for puppies seven weeks of age and older and kittens 8 weeks of age and older. For fast relief for your pet, see your veterinarian and ask for Advantage® II flea control
Advantix II By now you've heard the buzz about K9 Advantix II. This highly effective flea and tick treatment contains a potent formula to combat fleas pests fast.
Eliminate fleas and other insects completely by attacking them at their source and preventing their growth into your dog’s surroundings. K-9 Advantix II offers complete five-way flea and insect protection.
Frontline As it's 100% waterproof, Frontline Plus flea treatment for dogs is completely effective, even if your dog is washed and cleaned, goes swimming, or goes outside in the rain. It breaks the flea & tick lifecycle to provide effective protection against those pesky fleas and ticks that occupy both your dog and your home.
Solid Gold Solid Gold Health Products for Pets was one of the first pet food companies in the United States using all-natural ingredients in our products. They are committed to providing the best food, supplements and skin care products for your pets.
Tropiclean pet products Natural pet grooming products.  At Tropiclean, we believe natural, holistic ingredients lead to great grooming products and healthy pets.
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We now offer a full line or retail items for you to spoil you dog.

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